Controlling birds at a building involves a combination of preventive measures and deterrents to discourage the birds from roosting or nesting on or near the building. 

Here are some brief steps for controlling birds at a building:

  • Identify the species: Different bird species may require different control measures, so it's important to identify the birds that are causing problems.
  • Seal entry points: Block any gaps or openings that birds can use to enter or nest in the building.
  • Install bird netting: Netting can be used to cover openings and prevent birds from entering.
  • Use spikes or wire: Spikes or wire can be installed on ledges, window sills, and other areas where birds roost to make those areas less attractive.
  • Use visual deterrents: Devices that move, flash, or make noise can be effective in scaring birds away.
  • Employ physical deterrents: Plastic owls or snakes can be used to deter birds from landing or nesting.
  • Seek professional help: If the bird infestation is severe or persistent, it may be necessary to call in a professional pest control company for assistance. It is important to note that some bird species are protected by law, so it's important to consult with local authorities before taking any action.